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Apr 8, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Events. Save the date


Progetto: ufficio da abitare – Project: office for living
a cura di Jean Nouvel – Curated by Jean Nouvel
9 / 14 aprile – H 9.30am / H 6pm – Pad. 24 / Pav. 24
Fiera Milano, Rho – Milan Fairgrounds, Rho

Jean Nouvel su commissione di Cosmit, organizzatore del Salone Internazionale del Mobile, interpreterà le profonde trasformazioni che negli ultimi anni hanno condizionato la costruzione di spazi da abitare e di lavoro. Jean Nouvel on behalf of Cosmit, the organizer of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, will interpret the tremendous changes that have affected the creation of living and work spaces.

Ingresso con biglietto di entrata ai Saloni – Invitation required

Inaugurazione su invito: Martedi 9 Aprile H 11am Pad. 24
Opening of by invitation: Tuesday 9th April H 11am Pav. 24


Spazio ufficio: l’organizzazione, i costi di gestione e la produttività
The Workspace: organisation, overheads and productivity
Seminario IFMA Italia
IFMA Italia Seminar
Giovedì / Thursday 11 aprile H 10am – H 1230
Sala Aquarius, Centro Congressi, Fiera Milano, Rho
Aquarius Room, Conference Centre, Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
Ingresso con biglietto di entrata ai Saloni / Admission with iSaloni entrance ticket
Info, iscrizione e programma
Info, registration and program

Internazionalizzare il bagno Made in Italy
Internationalising bathroom Made in Italy
Progetti, Prodotti, Distribuzione dell’Arredobagno nel Mondo
Projects, Production and Distribution of Bathroom furniture worldwide

A cura di / Organised by Il Bagno Oggi e Domani, Cosmit e Assobagno

Giovedì / Thursday 11 aprile H 1.30pm – H 4.30pm
Sala Martini, Centro Congressi, Fiera Milano, Rho
Martini Conference Room, Conference Centre – Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
Partecipazione gratuita, fino a esaurimento posti previa registrazione
Participation is free, previous registration is needed
Ingresso con biglietto di entrata ai Saloni – Admission with iSaloni entrance ticket


Presentazione delle Botteghe Artigiane
Artisan Workshop Presentations
Bottega del Legno, Bottega del Metallo
Bottega del Vetro, Bottega Digitale

Wood Workshop, Metal Workshop
Glass Workshop, Digital Workshop

Martedì / Tuesday 9 aprile H 9am – h 6pm
ARENA SaloneSatellite
Ingresso libero – Free admission

SaloneSatellite Award
4° edizione – Premiazione concorso
4th edition – Award ceremony

Mercoledì / Wednesday 10 aprile H 3pm
ARENA SaloneSatellite
Ingresso libero – Free admission

Design Talks - Moderatore Gianluigi Ricuperati
Design Talks – Moderator Gianluigi Ricuperati

Mercoledì / Wednesday 10 aprile H 4pm
ARENA SaloneSatellite
Ingresso libero – Free admission

Design Report Award – 14° edizione – Premiazione concorso
Design Report Award – 14th edition – Award ceremony

Design Report Magazine, Stuttgart, premia un giovane designer di talento del SaloneSatellite.
Design Report Magazine, Stuttgart, gives an Award to a talented young SaloneSatellite designer.
Giovedì / Thursday 11 aprile H 4pm
ARENA SaloneSatellite
Ingresso libero – Free admission

Blind Pills di Andrea Segato: maschere per diventare Supereroi
Blind Pills by Andrea Segato: Masks to become Superheroes

Venerdì / Friday 12 aprile H 3pm
ARENA SaloneSatellite
Ingresso libero – Free admission


Ceramica Terra Cultura – Ceramics Earth Culture
9 / 14 aprile H 9.30am – 6.30pm
Reception 6-10 and 14-18
Fiera Milano, Rho – Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
Ingresso con biglietti di entrata ai Saloni
Admission with Saloni entrance ticket

I Wood Like… handmade & digital crafting
Scoprire il mondo del legno
Discovering the world of wood

A cura di FederlegnoArredo, Scm Group e Culturalegno
Curated by FederlegnoArredo, Scm Group and Culturalegno
9 / 14 aprile  H 9.30am – 6.30pm
Pad / Pav 22 – F39/G34
Fiera Milano, Rho – Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
Inaugurazione / Opening: Martedì / Tuesday 9 aprile H 4pm
Ingresso libero con accesso dal SaloneSatellite
Free admission with access from the SaloneSatellite

Mar 27, 2013

iSaloni 2013. I wood like

Wood. A raw material that becomes an object through a process of transformation. How?

I WOOD LIKE… Handmade & Digital Crafting
A full-scale event, part of iSaloni 2013, dedicated to discovering the world of wood, a raw material with a specific nature that determines its potential, the artisanal or industrial techniques for working it, and its final use.

Creating an object of design in wood requires four steps: Planning, Prototyping, Programming and Production.

These four phases will be explored through the live, real-time realization of an ‘iconic’ product: the Vaulted Table, designed by Bloomlab Architecture & Design of London, the perfect object for demonstrating the design process, the various techniques of the prototyping phase (joinery, turning, carving) and the complexities of machine-working.

Visitors will be able to touch and learn about various types of wood, try out woodworking tools, and interact with master craftsmen, carpenters and carvers, sharing their techniques and passion for wood.

Just like a real woodworking shop…
There will also be a fully functioning digital woodworking lab operated by the Scm Group (Tech Z5) to show how the most advanced technology can transform a great idea into an object of design in just a few hours, with maximum precision and no restraints on creativity.

Also not to be missed is the presentation by the Legno-Arredo Training Facility, a new project that FederlegnoArredo has undertaken with the support of the Scm Group.

Handmade & Digital Crafting
9-14 April / 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Fiera Milano, Rho – Pavilion 22 – F39|G34
Free admission with access from the SaloneSatellite
Opening: Tuesday, 9 April, 4.00 pm
Curated by: FederlegnoArredo, Scm Group and Culturalegno

Mar 11, 2013

SaloneSatellite 2013. Design and Craftmanship

16th edition of the SaloneSatellite, event dedicated to young designers and their creative energy. Here the most promising designers under 35 from around the world have the opportunity to meet professionals in the housewares and furniture sectors. Two pavilions, 22 and 24, open to the public, with free admission from Cargo 5: 9-14 April, Milan Fairgrounds, Rho.

4 workshops unveil the secrets of the artisanal tradition
The SaloneSatellite 2013 also becomes the meeting place between two worlds only apparently incompatible, but which in truth are closer today than ever, sharing the same single goal: a woodshop, a glassblowing studio, a foundry and a digital workshop will reveal the secrets of artisanal know-how at the service of industry.

The theme – ‘Design and Craftsmanship: Together for Industry’ – responds to the need that today’s young designers feel, which is integrate tradition with the technological possibilities offered by modern industrial production.

The artisan, with his masterful hands and traditional techniques, becomes part of the dialogue between designer and manufacturer on which the success of Made in Italy is founded.

The project calls for the creation of three workshops – for wood, glass and metal – where master artisans will provide real-time demonstrations of how the various materials are crafted, as well as a digital workshop, because the world of design is in full transformation, and digital fabrication and 3D printing will soon be consolidated realities.

700 selected designers
17 international design schools
1 prize: the SaloneSatellite Award – 4th edition
1 selection committee

Participants in the SaloneSatellite have been asked to present, along with their prototypes, one or more additional projects pertinent to Euroluce and SaloneUfficio, channeling their creativity towards products belonging to the categories of the exhibitions, and facilitating contact between supply and demand, design and business, creativity and production.

The 3 best products in the fields of Lighting and Office, selected by a prestigious jury, will be recognized with a cash award, an internship with a company operating in the design sector, and press office services to ensure maximum exposure of the winning projects.

The Selection Committee of the SaloneSatellite is composed of key international figures from the worlds of design, architecture and the media: Carola Bestetti, Living Divani; Carlo Colombo, architect; Carlo Contin, Designer SaloneSatellite 1999; Beppe Finessi, architect/critic; Paul Makovsky, Metropolis magazine, foreign press; Patrizia Malfatti, Image & Communication Director, Cosmit; Antonio Morello, Della Valentina Office; Gianluigi Ricuperati, Domus, freelance, Italian press; Elisa Storace, curator, Museo Kartell; Alessandro Vecchiato, Foscarini; Marva Griffin Whilshire, founding curator and coordinator of the SaloneSatellite.

International design schools: EUROPE: Tallin University of Technology (Estonia); Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland); Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs (France); Burg Giebichenstein and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Germany); Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design (Italy); Libera Università di Bolzano (Italy); Politecnico di Milano (Italy); Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli (Italy); Università Kore di Enna (Italy). ASIA: Beijing University of Technology College of Art and Design (China); Osaka University of Arts (Japan); National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan). THE AMERICAS: Savannah College of Art and Design (United States); Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile); Universidade de Caxias do Sul (Brazil); Escuela Internacional de Diseño (Puerto Rico).

Agreement with ADI (Industrial Design Association)
The SaloneSatellite re-proposes a special program aimed at helping designers protect their work by enrolling in a Design Register, in keeping with its philosophy of supporting young designers as they enter the world of design. This protection is valid only for Italy.

Mar 6, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Featuring Euroluce and SaloneUfficio

Odd-numbered years for the biennial Euroluce and SaloneUfficio, which return to present the best of the lighting and office furnishing sectors, from 9-14 April at Milan Fairgrounds, Rho.

is the key word for these two events, in perfect synergy with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and the SaloneSatellite.

Euroluce – 27th edition
The most influential trade fair in the world of lighting and international point of reference, featuring a product range of the highest quality that epitomizes technological and formal innovation and creativity.

Decorative and lighting products find application in the fields of home, industrial, urban, entertainment and medical lighting.

The unifying principle is energy saving, environmental sustainability and light pollution, in keeping with the growing attention to ecological issues in every field.

450 exhibitors occupying 38,000 square meters will welcome visitors at Pavilions 9-11 /13-15, located between Porta Ovest and Porta Sud, all set up on the same floor in order to optimize viewing.

SaloneUfficio – 16th edition

SaloneUfficio is an exhibition dedicated to the highest quality production of furniture and accessories for offices, banks, insurance agencies, post offices, public institutions and last but not least, home offices.

An ample and innovative selection, enriched this year by three new product categories for designing offices capable of meeting today’s needs: lighting systems; soundproofing, flooring and wall coverings; audio/video and communication technologies.

The pairing of lighting and office promises to be increasingly relevant, thanks to the growing attention to the quality of the work environment, which means furnishings, spatial organization and of course, proper lighting.

100 exhibitors distributed over 12,500 square meters await visitors at Pavilions 22-24, situated across from Euroluce, to emphasize the close connection between the worlds of lighting and office design.


Jean Nouvel presents ‘Project: Offices for Living’
Possibile scenarios for the workplace: ‘We spend more time in the spaces where we work than we do eating and sleeping at home. The office is therefore a dwelling place that needs to be conceived in a way that it’s enjoyable to be there, rather than purely functional’.

Pavilions 22-24: 1,200 square meters designed by the French architect.

Seminar – Office space: organization, management costs and productivity

The Corporate Facility benchmarking of IFMA Italia is recognized as an essential tool for real estate and corporate management services. Through the comparison of different companies, it makes it possible to determine whether the services provided to clients offer costs and modality of service are compatible with the quality they seek.

A snapshot of the evolution of costs and service of the last 15 years that presents practical experiences of workspace management that respond to the cultural and organizational transformations currently underway, with an eye toward optimization of costs and investments. Participants include IFMA Italia researchers and representatives from some of the most illustrious Italian companies.

Sala Aquarius, Centro Congressi, Fiera Milano, Rho: 11 April, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Mar 6, 2013

iSaloni 2013. The keys to the future

iSaloni’s 2013 presentation press conference ended among the enthusiasm of the participants and some important guideline for the future. Short summary of the debates.

Patricia Urquiola, Architect – Sharing
The real problems we’re facing have generated healthy and constructive responses. The crisis has conditioned the way we live and work, as well as our social relationships. But it has also compelled us to think more carefully about production, about how design needs to find creative solutions grounded in the exchange of knowledge and the quest for quality. New ideas for living must arise from greater communication between designers and manufacturers, throughout the processes of production, logistics and distribution. Not to mention delocalization, with the aim of reducing certain costs and gaining greater control of the entire supply chain.

Claudio Luti, Cosmit President – Stage
iSaloni 2013 return from decades of success. The key to this success has been to provide companies with the chance to display the results of the past year’s efforts, and to activate new business on the domestic and international markets.

Giovanni Anzani, Assarredo President – Communication
iSaloni 2013, a fundamental international appointment for presenting the latest products from companies committed to the quest for beauty, quality and improving our daily lives. An extraordinary showcase for continuous innovation. It is therefore important, according to the President of Assaredo, to learn how to communicate, both to encourage domestic consumption and to compete abroad.

Antonio Citterio, ArchitectStrategy and distribution
Over the past 10 years we have witnessed the transformation of entire sectors, including furniture. It’s not a question of economic crisis, but a revolution of existing systems in their entirety. Renovations, investments and also a greater awareness of the fact that the rules have changed: delocalization, new market realities operating with great economies of scale, global competition. This requires a renewal of the industry, in terms of both strategy and distribution. There’s no shortage of creativity, but there needs to be more focus on brand distribution.

Snaidero, Federlegno Arredo President – Promotion
The 2013 edition of iSaloni features Euroluce and SaloneUfficio, with the participation of Jean Nouvel to ensure a sold-out show. The President of Federlegno Arredo hopes that companies will enjoy the positive effects of a major promotional effort abroad, and that the future government approves the request to introduce a 50% tax credit for restructuring to stimulate the market.

Alberto De Zan, Assufficio President – Internationalization
2013 is the year of SaloneUfficio, which thanks to Cosmit will host Jean Nouvel’s ‘Project: Office for Living’, an event that will surely attract attention from architects, designers, manufacturers and visitors. The President of Assufficio expresses his hope that this translates into positive results, despite the difficulty of the current economic climate, calling for the promotion of exports with an eye toward encouraging the process of internationalization.

Piero Lissoni, ArchitectQuality
Imagining the content of such an important event isn’t easy. Piero Lissoni, hoping above all that it doesn’t rain, foresees a Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 that is positive, serious and based ‘as usual’ on quality. Creative, but intense as well. All we can do is wait two months to discover the latest evolutions of the furniture world. Can’t wait!

Piero Gandini, Assoluce President – Showcase
Great expectations for iSaloni, an important event for Milan and for Italy that has always attracted international attention and acclaim. It is the collective achievement of all the companies that make up the entrepreneurial and social fabric of our country. It is without equal as a showcase for presenting new products. The President of Assoluce, AD Flos, announces that Euroluce will feature the best Italian and foreign companies in the lighting industry.

Stefano Boeri, Mayor of Milan – A great metropolis
The Salone Internazionale del Mobile that takes place in the large Rho Fairgrounds manages to fire up the whole city with thousands of initiatives. The design continues to be the lifeblood of Milan, a great metropolis that manages to infuse energy to the whole of furniture’s world.

Feb 22, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Take it easier

To facilitate your trip and your stay in our city for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013, we’ve set up a series of special travel and lodging agreements. See you in Milan!



Plug in your arrival and departure dates in the search engine that our partner, Agenzia Ventana, has posted on a site dedicated to iSaloni. Here you’ll find a wide range of selected hotels in Milan and environs that you can book online.

To spend less, save time and enjoy another city, our special Turin package includes lodging at one of the selected hotels near the Torino Porta Nuova train station, plus round-trip tickets for the Turin/Rho trains activated specially for iSaloni, just 40 comfortable minutes far from the Fair.

Need to arrange travel for a group? Agenzia Ventana is at your service:

High-speed trains
Cosmit has created a partnership for iSaloni 2103 with Trenitalia that offers discounts of 30-40% to those traveling from the stations of Roma Termini, Trieste Centrale, Venezia Santa Lucia and Napoli Centrale, arriving directly at the Fiera Milano Rho station, and vice versa. Instructions for booking trains here, coming soon!

Domestic flights
For iSaloni 2103 we’ve created a partnership with Alitalia that gives you a discount of 15 Euro on all round-trip domestic flights to Milan. Instructions for booking flights here.

International and intercontinental flights
Special discounted airfares for iSaloni 2013 are available through our partnership with all the Sky Team companies: discounts from 5% to 10% for exhibitors, operators and journalists on the price of international and intercontinental round-trip flights to Milan operated by Sky Team member companies, five days before and five days after the official dates of iSaloni 2013. Discounts up to 15% on some long-haul flights operated by Air France-KLM. Instructions for booking flights here, coming soon!

Two unprecedented special agreements are guaranteed to make your stay in Milan more enjoyable, and getting around the city more convenient.

All-inclusive ticket
Thanks to an agreement between Cosmit, Fiera Milano and ATM (Milanese Transport Company), iSaloni is the first trade fair to offer visitors an all-inclusive ticket, valid both for Milan’s public transport system and for the entry to the Fair!

Free museum entry
From 7th and 14th April, visitors to iSaloni, as well as citizens and tourists, will be offered free entry to 8 of Milan’s public museums, thanks to an agreement between Cosmit and the city’s Department of Culture, Fashion and Design. The initiative is intended to celebrate the city’s strengths by sharing important art, science and natural history collections with the public. These museums constitute a network known collectively as the Museo Metropolitano Milano (MMM), and includes: the Museo del Novecento, Museo Archeologico, Museo di Storia Naturale, Musei del Castello Sforzesco, Palazzo Morando, Acquario Civico, Galleria d’Arte Moderna and the Museo del Risorgimento.

Feb 13, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Milano, capital of design

Milan confirms itself as the best worldwide showcase for furniture products. From 9th to 14th April 2013 Milan Fairgrounds in Rho will host the 52nd display of the absolute novelties of a sector able to generate energies, intelligence and projects which will ‘flare up’ the whole city for 6 days.

A success repeating every year, which attracts beyond 300,000 visitors from all over the world, thanks to its capacity to present innovative and up to date products.
As organizers‘ says Claudio Luti, the new president of Cosmitwe have to sense deeply where an increasingly globalized market is pointing in order to be proactive for today and for the near future’.

Milan: interiors of tomorrow’ is the slogan for the 52nd edition of iSaloni that will host the biennials Euroluce and SaloneUfficio as well as the SaloneSatellite, 16th edition. An event offering as usual visibility to emerging young designers allowing them to enter directly in contact with the exhibitors. The theme is: ‘Craftsmanship & Design: Together for Industry‘.

iSaloni’s presentation press conference, moderated by Antonio Di Bella on February 7th, pointed out Milan capacity in dictating design tendencies thanks to international successful exhibitions such as iSaloni, able to stimulate creativity, offer job opportunities, express original ideas, interpret changes and point to ‘the beauty of quality’.

Among the participants there was Jean Nouvel, who presented the ‘Project: office for living’ – an event that will take place inside the pavillions dedicated to the SaloneUfficio – while Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni and Antonio Citterio debated on architecture, project and culture, underlining the fact that the 6 days of the exhibition are the result of a whole year’s work involvement.

The best in design is therefore awaited for within the fair district in Rho in April. This event confirms Milano’s leading role on the international scene in collecting together on a unique stage furniture excellence managing to enlive more than 200,000 square metres and providing a place for ideas exchange, communication and networking.

While awaiting for all news regarding iSaloni 2013, there are two important novelties: an agreement between Cosmit, Fiera Milano and Atm (Milanese Transport Company) that will allow visitors to benefit from an all inclusive ticket valid both for the entry to the Fair and for the urban transport. Besides this, a second agreement between Cosmit and the department of Culture, Fashion and Design of the city of Milan will allow iSaloni’s visitors, citizens and tourists to have free entry to the 8 civic museums of Milan.

On the whole, a rich, innovative and special edition is prospected to be watched not only in loco but also virtually on all social channels available to converse with you: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin and Pinterest.
Stay tuned. It will not end here.

Jan 31, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Offices for living, a project signed by Jean Nouvel

The first outstanding guest participating in the 52nd edition of the Salone Internationale del Mobile, which promises to be full of hints even before starting, has just been revealed.

Jean Nouvel, Pritzker Prize 2008, on behalf of Cosmit, the organizer of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, will interpret the tremendous changes that have affected the creation of living and work spaces.

The project will be presented in a dedicated area inside the SaloneUfficio pavilions and will explore the effective and real possibilities in building conceiving spaces completely free of any repetition and beyond any constraint of standardization or omologation. This aim has been pursued by Jean Nouvel since the beginning of his career.

Mobility, conviviality, enjoyment, fun and exposure to surrounding instead of old forms of grotesque clones typical of totalitarian views, a quest to find new forms of working environments that will allow living the workspace more similar to one’s own home rather than constrictive spaces. A new concept in conceiving future offices: livable places, where people find themselves at ease, free in their gestures, free to regulate the light intensity, free in ranging their personal objecs and even free to choose the outside view, more respectful of man and the environment through the use of new materials and technologies.

Project: office for living intends to promote unique solutions which are far away from any traditional rule and to allow a more enjoyable way of spending time while working, to build the environment according to one’s own needs full of light and reflexions. ‘A freedom project‘, just to resume it in a few words, if it is true that the role of an architect is to ‘merge with the spirit of an age to interpret technical, cultural and social changes in order to propose a poetic language’.

The project will present 5 solutions which bear the name Jean Nouvel for a more enjoyable working future, at least from the point of view of the environment. Not to be missed.

Project: office for living. SaloneUfficio – Milan Fairgrounds, Rho 9/14 April 2013.
It also includes a small compendium of furnishings and architecture, a tribute to the architects of the last century that are at the root of Jean Nouvel’s thought.

Jan 20, 2013

iSaloni 2013. Milan, interiors of tomorrow

The 52nd edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – from 9th to 14th April at the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho – will present Milan, interiors of tomorrow with historically connected exhibitions: Euroluce, SaloneUfficio, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and SaloneSatellite, in its 16th year.

Milan confirms itself capital of design: a central location at international level where great ideas and projects meet the industrial system and are transformed into new and always unique products.

A successful event, capable of attracting visitors from around the world, with continuously growing numbers and which last year closed with data that have thrilled the entire industry: more than 330,000 visitors, of which 290,000 professionals, the majority of whom came from abroad, with the addition of almost 6,500 communication operators.

An established leadership, built over the years thanks to a winning formula that mixes decisive and complementary contents: companies, design, architects, media, business, exhibition and Milan.

The mission of Cosmit – the organizer of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – however, remains that of finding new solutions for the future in order to respond promptly to requests from exhibitors and international visitors in a historical moment characterized by changing market forces and a challenging economic climate.

Infact, the 2013 edition will have as main focus the needs of enterprises and markets to offer a range of ideas for tomorrow’s living trends, thanks to the participation of big names, including Jean Nouvel, who will present a new concept for office space, which are work environments destined to become always more attractive and livable.

A total of 230,000 square meters for an exhibition that, like last year, extends on a layout consisting of three areas destined to represent the Classic, Modern and Design style. Pavilions 9-11-13-15 will play host to Euroluce, 22-24 for SaloneUfficio and SaloneSatellite dedicated to emerging young designers.



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